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AeroVironment Announces VAPORE 55 MX Unmanned Helicopter

by IndDrones 14 Sep 2022 0 Comments

AeroVironment, a global leader in intelligent multi-domain robotic systems, today announced the Vapor 55 MX, its next generation VAPOR® helicopter unmanned aerial system. The VAPOR 55 MX delivers a higher level of operational performance through a completely redesigned modular autonomous framework that enables users to accommodate multiple sensors for increased durability and expanded payload capacity to meet requirements including utility inspections, aerial surveys, public safety and requirements for defense applications.

VAPORE 55 MX Drones

  • The new generation of VAPOR 55 offers a more simplified modular design and performance improvements to optimize the user experience;
  • Redesigned to improve operational efficiency with a 25% increase in endurance and a 20% increase in payload capacity;
  • New payload interface and tool-less quick rail mount for quick and easy field integration of current and future payloads for increased mission flexibility;

Building on its best-in-class endurance and payload weight performance, the VAPOR 55 MX features a new sleek and efficient low-profile design that enables the drone to stay in the air 25% longer and operate in all weather conditions. The VAPOR 55 MX is heavy duty capable and its increased payload capacity allows users to choose from single or multiple payload configurations.

The spacious, modular payload bay can carry payloads of up to 5kg and have an endurance of more than 70 minutes, while still maintaining the 25kg Gross Takeoff Weight (GTOW) limit imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for commercial customers.


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